Education Redefined!

Learning has never been so fun! Fully Interactive AR enabled applicaiton
Available on App Store and Play Store


Why study the traditional and boring way ? When you have a better option.
An interactive one ! Education has never been more fun than this.
We present you LUGHATI.
LUGHATI is a complete package when it comes to early learning. Our application is Augmented Reality enabled. It is a great tool to teach your kids Alphabets and have fun while doing so!

  • Augmented Reality
    The Pack Contains 38 Large Flash Cards, Each Flash Card is Augmented Enabled.
  • Audio For Each Alphabet
    The Application helps kids learn the pronunciation of Arabic alphabets.
  • Capture Photos
    Take Pictures with Objects and share it with your friends.
  • Attractive Design
    We kept our Flash cards Colorful and Visually pleasing.

Easy To Use

The Process to use this app is very simple 4 steps

Made For Kids

The UI of our application is very simple and easy to use.

Take Pictures

Play with the object, pose and take pictures of your adventures with the objects coming alive.

Object List

Tap on this to make the object move on your finger tips.

Augmented Object

Tap on, swipe and pinch on the object to see multiple actions that the object can do.

Digital Flash Cards

Download Digital Flash Cards
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